Do you want to chill?
Come to the Mill!

Agritourism on the edge of the forest. Mill for rent, accommodation, parties, workshops


The Mill at the Edge of the Forest
in Stare Polichno

The mill was always bustling. This is where we learned to kayak (on land) and watched the evening sunsets from the veranda.
Since the 1990s the mill has been a place of refuge and rest for our family. In 2020, we decided to open the mill for others to love it as we do.

The building was built in the 1930s, as an industrial facility modern for its time. It was an electric mill, so you won’t find any elements you might associate with a traditional mill. However, the insightful observer will notice the typical ramp and the industrial atmosphere surrounding the building.


What do we offer?

3 bedrooms

Comfortable rooms with a view of the greenery. Atmospheric interiors, brand new beds and mattresses.

2 kitchens

Do you want to cook up something delicious? There are two kitchens at your disposal for preparing meals.

Common areas

Rest and work areas: a large fireplace room, a corner with a Hubert stove, an upstairs lounge on the 2nd floor.

2 bathrooms

With a shower in each one. Comfortable, newly renovated bathrooms are located on the ground floor and on the second floor.

2,600 square metres of open air

Around the Mill, you can enjoy the spacious level area in the midst of the woods.

Experience adventures, take a time out,
or explore the unknown


A unique attraction of the Old Polichno area are canoeing trips in Santok (2 km from the mill) and Skwierzyna. Picturesque views lead across the rivers: Obra, Warta, Paklica, Noteć and Pliszka. Anyone who has traveled in these areas by boat or canoe at least once returns here regularly. Attention! You can fall in love with it!

Parties, weddings, activities

The fireplace room can accommodate up to 40 people. It is ideal for family events, communions, christenings and weddings. We deal with comprehensive setting of events in the open air, even up to 100 people. We organize parties in the mill. Want to throw an 18, 40 or 80? We invite you.

Workshops, business meetings, training

Nearby areas awaken creativity! Are you looking for a place to conduct development workshops? Do you organize yoga classes overlooking the forest? Check out the Mill. We also organized outdoor painting sessions and advertising sessions. We are flexible and ready for new challenges.

Bikes and walks

Stare Polichno is located among the picturesque backwaters of the Warta River. It is full of pine and deciduous forests, walking areas and bicycle paths. There are also horse stables. Forests occupy as much as 70% of the volume of the Santok commune in the Lubuskie Voivodeship.

There is a place to stay among the greenery.

Your ideas

You can actually laze around on the veranda whole day. Silence, the smell of the forest and local animals provide blissful pleasure. It is worth gathering here among friends, colleagues, workshop participants. Come in a group!


Boutique agritourism Mill at the Edge of the Forest in Stare Polichno

How to get here.

The Mill is located in Stare Polichno, a small village in Lubuskie Province. It is just 15 kilometres from Gorzów Wielkopolski. The S3 expressway runs nearby, along with railway connections and a network of bicycle paths.

You can plan your stay in the Mill at the Edge of the Forest by writing to us directly.

Katarzyna Klonowska

ul. Młyńska 10 a
66-431 Stare Polichno
tel. +48 798 578 158


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