Hi, my name is Katarzyna from the Mill!

Here are some questions people often ask. Now you can book a stay at the Mill via Booking by clicking a button below.

How do I book a stay at the Mill?

You can do it directly with me. Write to kontakt@mlynnaskrajulasu.pl or call: +48 511 716 677.

How much does a stay cost at the Mill?

Prices are variable and depend on the date and length of the reservation. I also set them individually after receiving your message.

Is there a minimum number of days I can rent the Mill for?

There is no such limitation. I am flexible, you can rent the mill even for a day. Call us and let’s discuss the details.

What can I organize at the Mill at the Edge of the Forest?

In our Mill, any longer group trips will be great. It is an ideal place for workshops, trainings and groupings. It is worth remembering that there is a large main hall as well as a flat outdoor area around the building, where you can comfortably organize classes and stays for a group of several people.

What else can I do in The Mill at the Edge of the Forest?

There are plenty of opportunities! There is a stud farm, paintball, a nature reserve and the Grod museum nearby. We recommend visiting the tower with a beautiful viewpoint and going to the marina. In the summer we put a swimming pool outside, there are plenty of opportunities for physical activity for adults and children. We are planning to finish the event tent in May. It will work well for yogis or organization of development workshops. The view of the forest and nature soothes the nerves and promotes reflection.

How long does a hotel day last?

The hotel day is from 4pm to 10am.

Are we alone or with the hosts during the time of the rental?

Mill on the Edge of the Forest is at guests’ disposal. We have an apartment in the Młyn area, but we do not disturb guests. You can have complete privacy. If it is needed – we will be happy to help personally, e.g. in organizing workshops or celebrations. The regulars of the place are cats, a dog, the neighbor’s hens and deer.

Is it possible to rent only one room or do you have to rent the whole building?

We usually rent the entire building. This is due to the nature of the building, as it’s ideal for a group stay of several people.

Do you organize parties for more people?

In Młyn, we organize intimate parties and larger events: weddings, large communions, concerts. The facility can comfortably accommodate up to 60 people. If you want to organize an event for a larger number of people, we invite you to an outdoor event where up to 100 people will feel comfortable.

Is the Mill a year-round facility?

Yes, you can come to us at any time of the year. The building is heated. The main source of heat is an oil-fired, self-service stove that heats the mill and water. There is a large fireplace on the ground floor and a goat “Hubert” on the first floor. These traditional heat sources create a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for cooler evenings.

Do you provide meals?

Guests organize meals on their own. There are two kitchens at your disposal, where you can comfortably prepare meals. We can also take care of catering.

The nearest grocery store is in Stare Polichno, a few minutes’ walk from the Mill. Dino is 3 km from the Mill. 6 km from the Mill, in Janczewo, you will find Biedronka.

Are pets allowed at the Mill?

Yes, you can bring your pet with you. It should not be in bathrooms or beds. It is also important that the area is not fenced and it is necessary to guard the dogs so that they do not run onto the property of a neighbor who has chickens.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to write!

Katarzyna Klonowska

ul. Młyńska 10 a
66-431 Stare Polichno

tel. +48 798 578 158


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